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Amazing Antarctic Toothfish Fishing – Chilean Sea Bass Catch By Modern Vessel – Toothfish Processing

Antarctic toothfish is a large, black or brown fish found in very cold (subzero) waters of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica. It is the largest fish in the Southern Ocean, feeding on shrimp and smaller fish, and preyed on by whales, orcas, and seals. It is caught for food and marketed as Chilean sea bass together with its sister species, the more northerly Patagonian toothfish .Often mistakenly called “Antarctic cod,” the Antarctic toothfish belongs to the notothen family , a group of fish species abundant near Antarctica.

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  1. It's amazing work but absolutely should NOT be able to keep the small ones say under 10 kilos, I mean the yield is going to be crap, let it live and grow and then catch it at 40-50 KG!!!!

  2. Art of presentation has a lot of waste i think almost a third of a fish goes out.asian cooks every part of it.turning it into a an animal feeds is too costly other cheaper variety of fish plenty.

  3. Ya depredaron los mares Australes en los años 90 los pesqueros de España, exterminaron en el sur de Chile la Merluza Austral, el Mero y Congrio, después siguieron con la Merluza de cola y todas las especies de fauna acompañante.
    No respetan vedas o restricciones, esa merluza negra ….ese es bacalao y ya igual está en extinción en el sur de Chile.
    Vienen con sus buques factorías, muestran un buque palangrero (con anzuelo) el cual es más selectivo pero posteriormente una vez ya disminuya la pesca le siguen los rastreros y sus redes que capturan toda especie en sus redes destruyendo el fondo marino causando desastres ambientales, lo digo con conocimiento de causa porque en mi región vivimos esto, después estos pesqueros se van dejando solo destrucción.
    El hombre nunca aprende…está bien pescar pero deben ser sustentable y respetar las cuotas sino las especies están condenadas al exterminio y a futuro nosotros mismos ..todos debemos respetar la naturaleza, las especies de profundidad por el ambiente y presiones demoran décadas en reproducirse y el proceso de crecimiento y madurez es lento.
    Saludos desde Aysén, Patagonia 🇨🇱.

  4. Shameful.
    The species are being destroyed by overfishing.
    Like most other edible creatures……
    In the words of Aldo Leopold….."Nothing dollerable is safe."

  5. most of the comments here are FALSE. the toothfish is not now endangered, the fishery is managed, monitored and the catch is traced tomarket to eliminate the illegal fishermen. It is healthy and sustainable so save your BS for the rest of the ignorant people.

  6. Salute to all the people or staff behind this channel because without you,i learned nothing about everything on this beautiful planet,so keep up the good work and be safe always,God bless! Greetings from The Philippines

  7. Loài người k có gì bỏ đi ăn tuốt cá to cá nhỏ! Thế giới có luật khai thác loại cá hiếm sống 50 tuổi đáng ra bắt con to từ 100 kg đằng này bắt tuốt cả con bé để nó sống thêm cho ta thu lợi hơn! Đây chẳng thấy quy định đâu! Khổ cho các chú cá sinh ra chưa được hưởng thụ mà bị người ăn ngấu nghiến!

  8. Emptying out the last untouched ocean…recording for future generations. Forget about sustainability, man! There is cash in dem der water$.

  9. Oh man, watching this makes me realize I should reduce my fish consumption … we’re literally eating fish populations to extinction with industrial fishing 😓

  10. Вот так в 90м году одного бедолагу смыло за борт. На ярусе стоял. Пока разворачивались- уже никого. Камнем ко дну пошёл. Был без жилета. Там же в АЧА на клыкаче.

  11. The conservation status of the Patagonian toothfish has not been determined by scientific experts, but it is well known that several populations have been depleted by industrial fishing. The relatively low reproductive rate and late age at maturation cause this species to be vulnerable to overfishing, and without careful management of the fisheries targeting this species, it could soon reach a point of being vulnerable to extinction.

  12. You don't need to wipe out an entire species for it to become extinct. You only need to reduce the population to a critical level and nature will do the rest. So you may find that these fish are still present and still being fished from the oceans but the fate of the species will have already been sealed. Extinction will be imminent.

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