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ABC’s of great Bank fishing for big bass

I take you down to the Everglades and some big bass while bank fishing! The almighty senko is still the king lure but the new buzz frog can light them up as well! Heavy tackle is in order for the big fish are often in the thick weeds or across the canal where you can’t get to them if they are hung up!


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  1. Old Broke DAV trying to get back into Fishing after 2 decades off and would Love to know Gary Yamamoto, his Soft Plastics are the best and I have 1 Hula Grub 1… Semper Fidelis Roland

  2. When Roland was talking about the New Favorite Pro Series Rod there was at least a 8’ gator about 50yards behind his right shoulder just cruising along.
    Yes, they are a nice rod I have the 7’ matched with my Penn 3 3000 reel don’t use 50lb I use 30lb braid great combination. 👍🏼
    Careful out there Roland

  3. You, Sir, defined fishing for SOOOO many of us 👏. Love how you travel lite when fishing the banks. My tackle rule for bank fishing 🎣: If it doesn't fit in my "hip pack" then it gets left behind in my van or motor coach. You mastered "keepin' it simple".💕

  4. Here in West Virginia there is only one lake you could catch a bass that size that is Stonewall Jackson Dam they have catch and release you can 1 bass but it has to be 10lb or more !!!!!!!!

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