A New Threat To The Future Of Bass Fishing Emerges…

Randy talks about the demise of fishing due to exploding technology….#bassmaster #angler #fishingdaily #fish #fishinglife #fishing #fishingtrip #bass #catchandrelease #bassfishing

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  1. Randy, I agree with you, but I wonder if the fishermen that preceded the advent of flashers and depth finders felt the same way about us using that technology? I'm sure they felt that was cheating, too. I'm afraid it's just the way it is with the advancement of science and technology. It'll never stop.

  2. I think you might find this interesting. Here in Ga we can legally hunt deer at night under a permit in the summer. Well after awhile spotlighting deer at night they will actually run at the first sign of a spotlight. Idk about aquaview but with FFS the bass could start doing the same.

  3. I haven’t used FFS but I’ve done similar fishing with just regular 2D sonar fishing a little more vertical. I used my side imaging and caught sand bass in 20 feet of water last weekend. I’m changing boats this winter and I’ll have FFS on that rig. I’d like to try it before I really form an opinion on the subject. I’m also hearing that fish are starting to get wise to it and when they feel the pulsating of the FFS they are swimming away from it.

  4. I had heard this but cannot confirm. At my local reservoirs, good pro anglers will plant brush piles in the off season all over the lake in different depths and locations. Then a day or two before the big local tournaments, the pro’s would revisit the brush piles and drop their Aqua View cameras down and look to see if any large bass are holding in the brush. Some brush piles would hold fish other brush piles would have no or few fish. Then the pros would take notes and revisit the brush piles with the biggest bass or most bass.

    Welcome to the world of competitive bass fishing.

  5. Interesting, I used to go to weigh in’s to learn about how the pros found fish. Now, who cares? I don’t want to hear about catching fish with a video game. This new trend sucks. I don’t want to watch it on tv, live, etc…

  6. I can only hope a technology ban ( a limit that says certain tech is become too unethical ) , comes into reason soon on all waterways across the country….otherwise all fisheries are inevitably doomed to certain degrees of downfall. And tournaments become absolutely ridiculous and nothing like they previously was. Im not a tournament guy, i just bass fish for fun or panfish for meat…im already seeing a big dive in ALL fish quality these past few years and its sad. I would not buy one of those expensive fishfinders even if i was rich…I like the sport , art, and mystery of fishing as you have stated. Keep up the good fight brother!

  7. Do you really honestly think if you took forward facing sonar away from Wheeler,Connell,JLee,and KVD they wouldn’t kick everybody butts anyway.If your going to state that some of these guys couldn’t win without it , let’s us know who they are. If your not prepared to do that you probably shouldn’t have said it. They still got to make them bite.

  8. Saw Milliken Fishing trolling your channel making you out to be a crybaby (literally in his thumbnail) because of your opinions on these technologies. Lost my respect and subscription. Keep preaching Randy!

  9. Ben milliken might be worse for the sport than ffs, he is the biggest promoter of that tech, he is teaching kids this is what fishing is them kids are going to be clueless on how to catch a fish. Before ffs no one heard of him now he shots videos basically in bill dances private lakes . Surely in the opens he has brush piles built for him. The guy is the biggest joke to hit the sport since the helicopter lure.

  10. Randy, thanks for all the info, 68 yrs old and never used ffs, but I don't think it could give you the same feeling as when you find them the old way. The old way always makes me remember the excitement of fishing with my Dad.

  11. Maybe we can have a tournament without the new age. Jesus feeled the nets without new tech. Us older men still use our hourse sense. I've been fishing for 65 yrs without it.

  12. Other than on some of the big smallmouth fisheries, we’re really not seeing much difference in weights from pre ff sonar to now. Just because someone has the thing turned on when they catch a fish, doesn’t mean that’s why they caught it. Also, every single person with ff sonar has wasted countless hours fishing for fish that weren’t bass.

  13. It’s funny all of these FFS challenge videos just prove your point! Let’s see Millikan go live, no edits and no FFS on YouTube and see him in action! I bet it’s a long boring video. The other problem is that videos like Millikan are causing, even less ethical, amateur YouTubers to take cheating to the next level. I’m seeing it every time I go out. Yesterday a guy heading out at first light (lake harney ramp) got busted for having 2 over 16 in the live well. These were from the previous day. He told FWC he was gonna release them after he got a picture with 5 over 5lbs. I can’t tell you how many photos are in the Fl bass groups of guys holding 25 lb bags all at one time. They definitely aren’t in tournaments, because they never will tell you which tournament.

  14. I’m a very experienced angler first off so I bought a live scope 2 years ago because I felt like I was at a disadvantage after 2 years of use it’s made it so easy for me to catch fish that I’ve lost some interest because it’s made it to easy

  15. Randy way to , I feel the same way about all the new technology that has polluted bass fishing! To me it’s not a sport anymore it’s a video game! The great fisherman will always find fish it is the art of fishing and the excitement of the catch. You are the only person who is willing to take this subject and other unpopular subjects that pollute the industry unfortunately I think that it’s the company’s that make the “The Almighty Dollar” that runs the industry and I guess with many that feel like we do it is something we are going to have to deal with! God bless you and thank you for your channel! 🎣

  16. I couldn’t compete if I wanted to. I need a wealth of fishing merchandise first. Let me get out there with a rod and reel and maybe a canoe cuz I sure as hell don’t have forward facing sonar, let alone a whole ass bass boat.

    At this point in the sport let me catch my trophy and get out of it, my pb is only 3lb. I’ve been sneaking casts here and there from the banks.

  17. deer hunting with drones sounds comparable . trail cameras as they are today certainly kill deer that otherwise wouldnt be killed .

  18. Probably 90% of new generation of anglers probably don't know how to fish without ball the tech . That's going to get worse as time goes on, unfortunately

  19. I lost respect for Ben Milliken after I saw he put your face “crying” on his thumbnail… Take away his electronics and let’s see how good he really is.

  20. Thank you Randy for staying in the traditional ways of how tournaments started.seems like there will be primitive tournaments and open class – what ever it takes to win with technology.

  21. Tradition vs production is hurting all outdoor sports. “Sportsmen” have been conditioned to think that their outing is unsuccessful unless they catch a lot of giant fish or kill a record book buck. I witnessed the emergence of this in the late ‘80’s as a manufacturing rep in the archery industry. Everybody wants to be famous.

  22. Pandora's box is open. We are trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

    And the weekend fisherman "think" they are fishing but they are just cheating themselves and others.

  23. Randy is the electro shock crank bait done yet? Shock em scoop the ones u want leave the rest for the birds who cares about tomorrow deplete all the lakes

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