90% Of All Anglers Try To Hide THIS…Because They Are Scared…

Randy talks about how most bass anglers are uncomfortable with themselves…#bassmaster #angler #fish #fishingdaily #fishing #fishinglife #fishingtrip #bass #bassfishing #catchandrelease

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  1. Watched this, went out this morning and stayed completely focused on my line. Not the other big bass that I’d get a glimpse of and reel in quickly to try and get but just my line. Best fishing day yet in only 3hrs. 12lbs 11oz total with four bass. First season I’ve gotten into bass fishing. Much to learn!

  2. Sometimes I will fish the bank and be really quiet and then these 14, 15 yr olds will show up 75 yards down from me and there will be 1 there yelling and will not shut up and I can hear them like they are standing next to me. It's soooo annoying, usually at that point I end up leaving that area.

  3. "SHUT UP AND FISH"….. I think I'll make a sticker and put it on my boat. To convolute Thomas Edison and Yogi Berra, fishing is 95% concentration and 50% perspiration I'm sure you"ll get it Randy.

  4. I listen to audiobooks while fishing and find it pretty peaceful. I've probably "read" 50 books while fishing. A lot of days it's nice just to be out there and I'd be intellectually bored just focusing on fishing all day.

  5. I like fishing by myself so much that the club I belong to is called the “Lone Fishing Club” . We fish a tournament the first Saturday of each month and fish by ourselves. Over the last 47 years of bass fishing I probably spent over 80% of my trips by myself. That’s the way I prefer to fish. On the other hand, my wife gets nervous and does not like me fishing by myself . At 76 years of age I understand her point.

  6. I'm 60 year old single guy ! Live in my house by myself! Absolutely love it! O and I also like to take the nitro out by myself! Once in a while I do like some music on the boat ! Great topic!

  7. I fish mostly a river system where I live. Much of it is backwater areas that are shallow. I love quiet so I can hear if a bass strikes close to me. There are some locals that I can recognize a quarter mile away from their yapping. Helps me to know which direction to go to fish.

  8. Hello Randy, If you get a chance to read this please let me know how you feel. Is the megabass orochi xx F8 7'10 rod truly worth the money. I live on a fixed income & have to do without so much just to be able to buy this rod. I have bought several of your jigs & love fishing them. But I definitely need a flipping stick. Is there another rod you would recommend ?

  9. Nothing better for me than quietly kayaking down an ozark stream, listening and looking. I fish the ozark streams and 50% of my time is just listening and watching for wildlife and scenery.

  10. Hah, my wife used to come with me years ago when we first got married. She complained that I didn't talk to her. I explained that I couldn't carry on a conversation while working a jig or plastic worm across the bottom. She hasn't accompanied me while I fish in decades. Works for both of us.

  11. Fishin' is how I get the clutter out of my head. I just stood on the pier for about 6 hours only caught 4 little fish for bait. And I don't care. I hope I catch something tomorrow but if not it's okay. If someone has a radio playing, fine. I don't bring one. Being by the water, especially saltwater, is where I find peace. Thank goodness I moved to close to the Chesapeake Bay recently, my life is better. Like I got my soul back. It'll be even better once I figure out the best local spots to catch fish.

  12. So right except, I love my music. it puts me at that "thinking place" and when I drive it's on but after getting there the quiet of a lake is what it is about. Spotify sent me a letter saying I listened to 2036 different songs expanding 7 decades in one year I had no idea of the amount I listen to and high-end audio makes all the difference and I do not listen to radio period hate hearing someone talk all the time. Nor do I listen to anything while fishing, Only the "nature channel". Shhhh …. I am fishing

  13. I kayak fish by myself 100% of the time because I don't know anyone else down here sense we moved for 1, even before we moved I had a buddy that would go with me 1 out of every 15-20 times I would go. So I'm used to being by myself on the water in my kayak . I've never taken a radio, headphones, or even thought about listening to music!? I keep my phone put up in my dry box withy keys & wallet. Only time I get my phone out is if I catxh a bass a striper worthy of a picture. So a 4+lb largmouth or a 10lb + striper. Otherwise I don't touch my phone. I'm out there to enjoy mother nature, peace and quiet, catch fish! Get away from everyone & modern world as much as possible!!!!!!

  14. As a typical millennial I fall into this category however I will say being a Florida resident I do make sure to turn off the music/podcasts when I’m fishing bc a distracted angler will be eaten by a hungry stalking gator 🐊! In fact several people have already been attacked this year alone from gators 🐊 grabbing someone too close to the water in the Tampa Bay Area alone!

  15. Most of the time, while driving, I keep the radio Off. I enjoy the peace, and can enjoy the nature around me. With fishing, I like the quiet, and rarely fish with anyone else because of that. Totally agree with your views.

  16. A woman's mind is never still. My wife will ask me, " Honey, what are you thinking about?" My answer, "Nothing." She doesn't believe me because a woman's mind is never still.

  17. My day consists of the sound of a table saw running . My truck radio , heck , don't know if it even works . Gratefull for my quiet time . Shut up and fish .

  18. I fish by myself 99% of the time. I could never be a pro angler having to listen to a co-angler. I would go mad. But, I do listen to Itunes rock and roll and country. Also some podcasts while traveling to the lake. There is nothing like some Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Petty and some Conway Twitty, Farron Young and Junior Brown to get you ready for the lake!

  19. I’ve been fishing alone for the last 10 days on Sam Rayburn. My biggest problem is some times after fishing for a few hours without getting a bite I get lulled into a coma LOL! The fishing has been tough lately. When the going gets tough the tough go fishing.

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