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4 Best Worms For Summer Fishing | Bass Fishing

The best worms for summer fishing are revealed by top bass pro Drew Cook! Learn how to fish these lures to catch BIG bass!

Baits and Gear
Big Bite Baits Scentsation Cliff Hanger Worm — https://bit.ly/3LLnPs1
Big Bite Baits Scentsation Skinny Stick — http://bit.ly/3HmUkem
Big Bite Baits Trick Sticks – http://bit.ly/3mUjVoa
Big Bite Baits B2 worm — https://bit.ly/2Y6yg4y
Sunline Sniper – https://bit.ly/3hn3tHt
Sunline SX1 braid — https://bit.ly/2ZhGKq2
Sunline Shooter — https://bit.ly/3z2lpQK
Dobyns Xtasy Spinning Rods — https://bit.ly/3RiJMQ8
Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods — https://bit.ly/3BPjXSe
Dobyns Champion XP Split Grip Casting Rods — https://bit.ly/3BTv50e
Shimano SLX Casting Reel — https://bit.ly/3Rhlzda
Gamakatsu G Finesse Hybrid Worm Hook – https://bit.ly/3tCcBNu
Gamakatsu G-Finesse Trickyhead Shakey Head — https://bit.ly/3XAbdd0
Gamakatsu G-Power Heavy Cover Worm Flip Punch Hooks — http://bit.ly/3Tz3Y36
Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Weight — https://bit.ly/3viJyk7
SPRO Power Swivels — https://bit.ly/3WuONId

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Fishing Tackle We Recommend…

Rage Craw https://bit.ly/3rsdtSs
Rage Baby Craw https://bit.ly/39SWW3P
Rage Bug https://bit.ly/3cMyWBo
Rage Swimmer https://bit.ly/2MCTIc0
Space Monkey https://bit.ly/3txmfAb
YUM Dinger https://bit.ly/3cMrqXo
Booyah Pad Crasher https://bit.ly/3pUwInj
Booyah One Knocker https://bit.ly/3rooZhy
Z-MAN Finesse TRD https://bit.ly/3rxfT2h
Zman Finesse Shroomz Weedless Jig Heads https://bit.ly/36Mm5eA
Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom https://bit.ly/3aw975G

Seaguar TATSU Fluorocarbon https://bit.ly/39SAGHl
Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbon https://bit.ly/39S5QPa
Seaguar AbrazxΒ https://bit.ly/2YMCtYj
Seaguar Smackdown Braid https://bit.ly/36NGSOV
Stren High Impact Monofilament https://bit.ly/3ropoAA

VMC DuoLock Snaps size 1 https://bit.ly/36NGYWN

Trokar Standard EWG Hook https://bit.ly/2OavztQ
Trokar Flipping EWG Hook (Magworm hook) https://bit.ly/3pTmy6v
Gamakatsu Superline EWG Hook https://bit.ly/2YNf6h0
Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Worm Hook https://bit.ly/2YM2gjn

Drop Shot Weights https://bit.ly/3jnGlrZ
Tungsten Worm Weights https://bit.ly/3oNDDNG
Top Brass Peg-It II https://bit.ly/3pVeXUL
Punch Stops/Bobber Stoppers https://bit.ly/36JGv8g
Gamakatsu Football Jig https://bit.ly/3pSOIys

Plano Z-Series Backpack https://bit.ly/2LnxqdE
Plano Z- Series Tackle Bags https://bit.ly/3pTmTWP
KVD Worm Speedbag https://bit.ly/3tqsHsZ
Plano Guide Series bag https://bit.ly/3jm1ymh
KVD Signature Series Tackle Bag https://bit.ly/3rrYyaI
Plano 3700 Stowaways https://bit.ly/3cOjTai
Plano Edge Flex Series Storage System https://bit.ly/3pVC55w

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