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3 BEST Areas To Find SUMMER Bass (Boat & Bank Anglers)

Summer bass fishing can be difficult when it gets extremely hot. However, there are 3 areas that typically hold bass throughout the summer without fail.

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One area that I love to fish on lakes is long tapering points that drop off into the main river channel. Bass can be located on cover on these points, as well as subtle points and inside turns!

Another great place to find summertime bass way up creeks on big lakes. Some times these creeks can actually be a little bit cooler water temperature than the rest of the lake and can hold groups of bass.

The last place I find summer bass in on outside grass lines. This can be one of the most productive ways to catch bass throughout the summer.

As a bonus, bank anglers can typically find bass under scum mats during the middle of summer!

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  1. Im bank angler and had an awesome spot like the one where you mentioned with the creek…until people started feeding bears right where i had to park. It was wild seeing a bear just sitting on its butt eating doughnuts…

  2. I fish Smith Mountain Lake VA. I often hear i should fish long tapering points near the river channel. This lake’s river channel can be over 180’ deep. What do you do in these circumstances? Thanks

  3. Gooood solid information with niiiice graphics!!! Always look forward to your videos!!! I called my cable company and asked them to carry your channel👍😃🎣🎣🎣🎣

  4. Very good information. I will look at these areas in a tournament this weekend. Knowledge is power when use the right way. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Dude- you just gave away one of my best patterns- hottest part of the summer spotted bass will often pull up these narrow creeks and find the deepest hole they can find to sit in- especially if it's a pinch point that's going to funnel small bait fish over their heads. Look for narrow creeks and then find where they narrow down even more forcing the current to increase which digs out a deeper hole. I use ned rigs or neko rigs to catch them usually- one of the best patterns I ever found on Smith Lake.

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