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1v1 Pond Bass Fishing Challenge (Bergsig Trout Farm)

Pro vs Youtuber has been taken to another level in this bass fishing challenge.

Rob invited me to a small trout farm out in Muldersdrift, it is called Bergsig trout farm to do some bass fishing. The Bergsig trout farm has a carp fishing pond, one trout pond, a river and three bass fishing ponds. Rob and I primarily fished the three bass ponds. This was a 1v1 bank bass fishing challenge to see who could catch the most bass in this 1v1 pond challenge in a period of time.

We started the day with the most challenging bass fishing lure in the industry of bass fishing. The glide bait. We set a timer for 30 minutes in our mini challenge with the glide baits, reason for this is if the bite isn’t on a glide bait we would fish for ever and not catch any bass. We had one ruled about of bass fishing challenge and this rule was if we start fishing finesse we loose a point.

The day started really well for Rob but not for me. Rob was two bass up and I decided to take the negative point so I could catch up and rack in the points.

By the end of the challenge we tied, and we had to go into over time.

The day went really well it was a really tight challenge and many bass where caught between the both of us.

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