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#1 Knot For Artificial Lures In Less Than 30 Seconds

This is the BEST knot for artificial lures in UNDER 30 seconds!!

You shouldn’t waste time trying to tie elaborate knots that take out of your fishing.

Strength, efficiency, and effectiveness are what determines a quality saltwater fishing knot.

Click here to check out a more in-depth tutorial on the non-slip loop knot:

Head over to learn more about saltwater fishing knots in general:

The non-slip loop knot is hands down the best knot to tie when using artificial lures.

Not only is it strong, but the loop adds action and appeal to the lure to trigger more strikes!

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  1. I learnt this knot from a Bill Dance fishing book checked out of the school library when I was in the 5th grade. That was about 27 years ago, nice to see it’s still going strong. Tight lines fishing pals

  2. i use a uni knot on paddletails. works great for me. i prefer it. i catch fish too. whichever knot one prefers is fine. i do not opine that it matters

  3. Thru the eye, spin the lure 8 times, keeping a small hole gap above the eye, pull end of line back through hole gap, while keeping line taut. Pull lure away as you tighten. Best fishing knot.

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