Master the art of Bass Fishing

Private data log software available on all devices.

Why Bass Manager?

Master the art of Bass Fishing by learning and studying strengths, weaknesses, weather, patterns & more

Private Log

Book and log every catch, while never losing pictures or data again! Bass Manager allows you to record sensitive information storing it all in one place.

Epic Bragging Tools

Instantly share the picture of that monster Bass to your favorite social networks. We make it easy to send that lunker to any & everyone, even forums.

Your Digital Tackle Box

Keep track of your personal inventory of lures in your digital tackle box. Every manager will have a unique box that is tailored to your exact Bass fishing forte!


No need to download any software or application. Bass Manager is designed on the "cloud" which means your able to manage catches in real time anywhere.

Realtime Weather

When you "book your catch" weather stats for that specific catch will populate your log instantly via our Bass Manager weather API, analyze weather patterns!

More Features

Find out the best lure, the biggest catch, the best day and much much more. Created and maintained by avid fishermen.

Digital Tackle Box

Know exactly how many worms, crankbaits and spinnerbaits you have on your boat. When you populate your digital tackle box, entering a catch has never been easier. Bass Manager even allows you to use custom labels so you can specify the exact color of the lure. Do you have a favorite goto lure? Name it whatever you like and place it inside of your digital tackle box!

  • Easy pick list
  • Custom Labels
  • Color Swatches
  • Add Rigs, Weights, Hooks

Data Analysis

Logging and recording your catch has never been easier! No application on the internet offers the tools that Bass Manager offers for entering your catch. All you have to do is snap the picture of that lunker fish and Bass Manager will do the rest.

Anglers have the choice of entering even more specific data for their catch on the spot while fishing or later on in the day off the lake. Studying your fishing patterns and becoming a master on the water will happen in no time!

Using Bass Manager

When you sign in to the application, you will see your entire data dashboard along with latest catches and important details of your entire journey. Simply add the location you are about to fish. While you are on the water, our application will remember the location you entered and weather conditions are updated per second. Our weather API alone makes Bass Manager one of the most unique applications for fishing online today.

Bass Fishing

We made Bass Manager for the people who love to enjoy the thrill of bass fishing as a sport or hobby

Your Data in Cloud

Bass fishermen love to keep their money spots a secret (we know this). All of your data is stored securely in the cloud allowing no person to view any type of catch or log information unless you yourself "brag" about it and share the catch details with the public.

Contests & Giveaways

Here @ we have many giveaways and contests that all of our members get to enjoy. We have already gave over $2400.00 in prizes to our managers/members. How do you win? You just join for free and remain an active member. It's that easy!

Personal Caddy

We plan on becoming a personal caddy to your bass fishing adventures, get updates and information on the lake and body of water you are planning to fish on. Find out the strengths and weaknesses before ever heading out. Bass Fishing will never be the same!

Quick Glance

Take a peak at the Bass Manager product from inside with these screenshots