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Bass Manager allows you to fish in a whole new way

All your catches in one place

Book and log every single catch, while never losing pictures or data again! Bass Manager allows you to record sensitive information storing it all in one place.

Your Digital Tackle Box

Keep track of your personal inventory of lures in your own digital tackle box. Every manager will have a unique box that is tailored to your exact Bass fishing forte!

Instant Weather Stats

When you "book your catch" weather statistics for that specific catch will populate your log instantly via our very own Bass Manager weather stats, helping to analyze weather patterns!

Epic Bragging Tools

Instantly share the picture of that monster Bass to your favorite social networks. We make it easy to send that lunker to anyone and everyone in the world, even forums.

Mobile on the Go

No need to download any software or application. Bass Manager is designed on the "cloud" which means our managers will be able to manage their catches in real time anywhere.

Awesome Experience

Find out the best lure, the biggest catch, the best day and much much more. Created and maintained by avid fishermen. FFBF (For Fishermen By Fishermen)

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From lures to catches to bragging rights

Bass Fishing Apps
Record your catches

Logging and recording your catch has never been easier! No application on the internet offers the tools that Bass Manager offers for entering your catch. All you have to do is snap the picture of that lunker fish and Bass Manager will do the rest. Anglers have the choice of entering even more specific data for their catch on the spot while fishing or later on in the day off the lake. Studying your fishing patterns and becoming a master on the water will happen in no time!

Bass Fishing Apps
Add your lures - Your tackle box is unique to your setup

Every manager has the ability to keep a virtual catalog of their personal lure inventory. Know exactly how many worms, crankbaits and spinnerbaits you have on your boat. When you populate your digital tackle box, entering a catch has never been easier. Bass Manager even allows you to use custom labels so you can specify the exact color of the lure. Do you have a favorite goto lure? Name it whatever you like and place it inside of your digital tackle box!

Bass Fishing Apps
We make it easy to brag

Everybody loves to share their fishing story with the world! We made sure that bragging about your catch would be included in Bass Manager. Our managers can quickly share their catches with their followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook. You can even choose to send that nice Bass to your family via e-mail or post it on your favorite fishing forum. Don't worry, no details will be shown with your catch only that perfect picture of your trophy Bass!

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